Can I save on housework

Can I save on housework? Of course I do!

We all dedicate a lot of time and energy (personal and electrical) to housework. Surely on more than one occasion you have thought that having the house in good condition implies a cost of electricity that cannot be avoided … iron, vacuum cleaner, washing machine … but … are you sure about it? Do you think saving is impossible?

Well, do not miss these useful tips because cleaning and energy efficiency are compatible.
Can I save on housework? Of course I do!

Save energy when you use the washing machine

  • Try to fill the washing machine to its maximum capacity without exceeding 5kg of clothes.
  • Choose a program with not very high temperatures. Most of the energy a washing machine consumes is to heat the water.
  • Measure the soap that you put into the washing machine. An excess of soap stimulates the production of foam and will make the engine work harder, consuming more energy.
  • Use the washing machine in the hours of minimum consumption.

Dry the clothes

  • After putting in a washing machine, the next thing is to wait for the clothes to dry. We propose you some tips so that you dry your clothes quickly and with the least consumption.
  • If you urgently need a garment that is fresh from the washing machine, roll it up in a towel and squeeze it until it absorbs all the water.
  • Use an outside clothesline, as wide as possible, so that the garments do not touch each other and dry before. There is no less consumption than drying clothes in the open air.

Save ironing

  • Accumulate a large amount of clothes to iron them all at once, in this way you will not waste unnecessary energy. Therefore avoid plugging in the iron for specific garments.
  • If you are going to stop using the iron for a long time, the most economical thing is to turn it off, because all electrical appliances consume when they are plugged in and also when they are in stand-by mode.
  • Start to iron for those garments that require a lower temperature, then increase their temperature to iron the remaining garments. If you want, you can disconnect the iron when you still have two or three garments left, since the heat it gives off will allow you to iron them without problem.

energy efficiencySave on electricity

  • With the arrival of summer, the days are longer and we have more hours of light. Take advantage of the sun’s rays to enjoy natural light at home.
  • On hot days, keep the blinds half down. The light will be enough to illuminate a room and thus you will save on electricity by keeping the room cooler without using the air conditioning or the fan.

Hand wash or dishwasher?

  • Once we have finished eating, it is time to clean up the kitchen and we always doubt whether to wash by hand or use the dishwasher.
  • Believe it or not, it is best to use the dishwasher. It is proven that it is possible to save up to 30.6 liters of water. Remember to rinse the dishes with water before inserting them so as not to clog the appliance and start it when it is completely full.

Watering in the garden

There are many people who use irrigation systems to keep the garden in good condition. To get a green lawn and save on water consumption, we leave you the following tips:

  • Water at night or first thing in the morning to prevent the water from evaporating.
  • Use a drip irrigation system, since it is one of the least expensive and most efficient.
  • Reuse rainwater by putting river water use systems.
  • Use the hose as little as possible, the amount of water that comes out is very high and can make you consume large liters of water unnecessarily.

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