Do you need a tumble dryer? Know their differences and bet on the most efficient

There are many electrical appliances that we have in the home and in each of them we must seek maximum efficiency. If you are thinking of buying a clothes dryer but don’t know which one to choose, don’t worry.
In our Savings Laboratory we explain the different types and models that you will find in the market and the consumption of each of them so that you can choose the one that best suits your needs and budget. Energy savings are in every daily detail.

Types of tumble dryers

Evacuation dryers

These dryers are the simplest and the first to hit the market.

They are very easy to use: they take air from the environment and heat it up by means of electrical resistances. When the air is already warm, it is moved to the place where the damp clothes are to be dried. In turn, the moisture from the clothes is transferred to the air and is finally expelled to the outside through a tube.


-They are cheaper
-You do not have to be aware of the perfect sealing of the dryer
-Works 100% with outside air


-It is the type of dryer that consumes the most
-It is the oldest model of dryer
-They need a lot of maintenance
-They need an air outlet

Condenser dryers

These dryers are more advanced than the previous ones and their operation is as follows: the air is heated in the same way as the evacuation ones, but after passing it through the drum where the clothes are, they dry when the moisture evaporates. At the same time and from the front, the dryer takes in cold and dry air from the outside that crosses with the hot and humid air from the drum, cooling itself, turning the humidity into water.


-Does not need an air vent
-Recycling the air and you don’t have to always heat it from scratch
-Energy consumption is lower than that of the evacuation dryer


-Needs to be emptied of water after each drying

Heat pump dryer

These dryers are the most efficient because they reuse heat using the energy needed to dry clothes. We explain how it works: the air circulates through the dryer with a fan and then passes through the heater. When the hot air comes out it goes into the drum where the moisture from the clothes evaporates and dries, that’s when the hot and humid air returns to the condenser, the air dries, returns to the heater and the cycle begins again.


-It is 3 times more efficient than the other two
-It is cheaper
-It is the type of dryer that produces less energy consumption
-They take better care of the most delicate fabrics when drying at lower temperatures


-Dry cycles last longer than previous ones
-Heat pumps do not heat as hot as resistors
How much do they consume from half to full load?
Evacuation (8kg): 4.8 kWh
Condensing (8kg): 4.2 kWh
Heat pump dryer (8kg): 2.2 kWh

After evaluating these options, surely you are already clear about what dryer you are going to buy for your home. From the Savings Laboratory we remind you that the most efficient way to dry your garments is outdoors. We wait for you next week with more tips in our Savings Laboratory. Don’t forget it and sign up for savings!