Things You Can Do to Conserve Water

Male hands holding a blue water drop in blue background. Wash hands, csr, save water and world oceans day concept.

The water we use to survive is becoming increasingly scarce. From natural disasters and pollution to increased consumption from the world’s growing population, there are insufficient freshwater sources. Conserving water is a simple way to help make sure our planet can sustain human life as we continue to grow in number and need. It takes little effort on your part, too.

  1. Use a Dishwasher Instead of Washing by Hand

While hand washing may seem more environmentally friendly, it uses a lot more water than if you had used the dishwasher. A complete cleaning cycle uses less water than filling a sink for washing by hand. Modern dishwashers are also energy-efficient. They are built more compactly and are much cheaper to maintain than traditional models.

  1. Replace and Repair Your Plumbing Fixtures

Faucets, toilets, shower heads, and tubs tend to leak or become worn out with age. Replace leaking faucets and old bathtubs with new water-efficient models to reduce the water you use and save on your water bill. Look for faucets that advertise themselves as water-efficient. Many new models come with an aerator that allows water to flow more naturally, meaning less water is wasted. High-flush toilets are also a good investment. They save several gallons of water per flush compared to older models.

  1. Check for Leaks in Your Plumbing System

Look for leaks in your pipes and fix them as soon as possible. They can happen anywhere in your plumbing system, such as the pipes, faucets, and even your toilet, but typically occur at joints and connections between lines. Many leaks are hard to detect, so you will have to use a leak detection solution. A reputable plumber in Durham, NC can step in and fix any leaks you can’t find by yourself.

  1. Use the Right Watering Method for Your Garden

Gardening is a great way to save money on groceries. Use drip irrigation systems to deliver water directly to the roots of your plants. This results in less evaporation and more efficient use of water. The drip system also results in a more even watering pattern. You will water less, but the plants will be healthier and happier. Use the hose minimally to water your lawn. To reduce evaporation, water your garden in the evening or morning. This will reduce the extra water loss from wind or sun exposure.

  1. Take Shorter Showers

Even as little as 20 seconds can make a difference. Making it a habit to take less time in the shower will save you money and help conserve water for other uses. You don’t have to sacrifice your shower experience, either. Many technological advances allow you to have a really enjoyable shower with only a little bit of water used.

Conserving water is one of the easiest aspects of a greener lifestyle. Start taking simple steps to save water today and help protect the future of our planet. You can make a huge difference.

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