Everything you need to know about solar energy

Everything you need to know about solar energy

Solar energy is a renewable energy, obtained from the use of electromagnetic radiation from the star king, the sun. The solar radiation that reaches the Earth has been used by humans since ancient times through different technologies that, over time, have evolved.
At present, the heat and light of the sun can be used in many ways and can be transformed into electrical or thermal energy. Solar energy is the engine that drives our environment and is one of the most widely used sources of energy since many needs can be satisfied with it.

Curiosities about solar energy
Like any other source of energy, there are interesting curiosities about solar energy:

Solar energy has a long history… in 1921 Albert Einstein won the Nobel Prize in physics for his experiments with solar energy.

In just 15 minutes, the amount of solar energy reaching our planet would be enough to cover our needs for a year.

The atmosphere absorbs 19% of the solar radiation that reaches our planet.

Everything you need to know about solar energyWhat does solar energy give us?

From solar energy we obtain many benefits that position it as one of the most promising energies that exist and, in addition, it is an energy source that has the following advantages:

  • Respectful with the environment
  • Profitable
  • Safe
  • Innovative
  • Silent
  • Durable

And most importantly … It allows you to save on your electricity and water bills.

The way to obtain solar energy

In the form of light, transforming the solar energy we receive into electricity thanks to photovoltaic panels, which are made up of groups of solar cells that transform light into electrical energy.

With Viesgo, solar energy is easy

Now with Viesgo you can generate your own electricity thanks to your solar panels. You just have to put the roof and we take care of everything else:

  • Of the legal procedures
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  • To have the latest technology and …
  • To have a team of leading installers and suppliers

Thanks to Viesgo Solar you can save up to 80% on your electricity bill, you can control your consumption efficiently and you will be betting on clean and green energy.

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What if I have a business?

Well, you can also benefit from solar. It does not matter if your thing is industry, construction, commerce or livestock and agriculture, we have solutions adapted to all businesses and totally customized. Don’t wait any longer and switch to solar, the energy of the future.

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